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NVDA via webinar with Alec & Tess

Hi all –

I just sent this to the local group leaders list, but I thought I would share here as well!



Hi all –

I wanted to let you know that Rainforest Action Network and 350

One for Kim Schrier
Trump’s new NAFTA deal is a disaster. It would encourage the outsourcing of pollution and jobs, offer special handouts to fossil fuel companies, lock in fossil fuel dependency, and prolong this administration’s polluting legacy for years to come. You can

Global Climate Strike for Future

We are going to have a solidarity action this Friday, March 15th 4P-5:30P at Wells Fargo Bank in Wenatchee on Mission Street between 3rd & 4th Ave.  It’s their 167th birthday and we want to sing them Happy Earthday!  It’s …