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The update on CAT


Good evening, CATs! Here’s our weekly volunteer update.


We are just over a month away from the start of the Washington State legislative session!


Now it’s time to get all of our volunteers plugged into Teams & …

Dec. 7th All call-in

CCNCW – Things You Should Know


December 1, 2022 4:30pm PT- You’re invited to a conference to learn about the Washington Green Amendment:

  A New Path for Environmental Protection & Justice: From Rhetoric to Reality

Brought to you by: WWU College of the Environment in

Join 350Wenatchee is 15 day challenge!

How much water is in your burger? 

Gallons of water:

2 slices bun bread – 22

3 slices of bacon – 108

1 slice cheese – 40

1 beef patty – 660

2 slices tomato – 1

1 leaf lettuce …