Hey, Jeanne,

Thanks for being part of our launch of the Solidarity School and the fight for a Just Recovery!

On our first call, we talked about the connections between the climate crisis, systemic racism, and economic injustice. We heard more about why we need a just recovery and examples of organizing that can make this possible.

These are 350.org’s principles for a just recovery in the US. Please share and discuss with friends, family, and colleagues.

You can also check out the call recording here and a transcript of the call here.

If you’re feeling excited to start building a just future, we invite you to take these next steps:

  1. Contact your Senators today (and ask others to do the same) about the need to pass the HEROES Act & the REWIND Act. Here’s the social media toolkit.
  2. Review, share, and integrate 350’s Just Recovery Principles into your organizing.
  3. Initiate conversations about the need for a just recovery. These are some ideas for having conversations about a just recovery:
    • Ask: What does a Just Recovery look like, and mean, for you? Share what it looks like and means to you.
    • Find out what’s at stake for the person you’re speaking with (do they have a family member who’s had to work during the pandemic, etc).
    • Connect what they shared with why we’re fighting for a Just Recovery.
    • Offer next steps and actions they can take.

Here are the videos we viewed during the call: 

Brighton Pheri, Nu Climate Vision, in Johannesburg

US Just Recovery (350.org)

In Memoriam (LNS & National COSH)

Learn more! Here’s additional resources:

Just Us podcast on “Not Going Back to Normal” in South Africa

Not Going Back to Normal: Imagining a Just Recovery in South Africa Report by 350 Africa

People’s Bailout 

In Memoriam video, English & Spanish (Labor Network for Sustainability & National COSH)

Transition is Inevitable, Justice is Not: A Critical Framework for Just Recovery (Movement Generation)

Just Recovery Art Kit (David Solnit, 350.org)

Jobs with Justice Pledge

Jobs with Justice Workers Memorial Wall

Labor Network for Sustainability (multiple just recovery resources)

Movement for Black Lives: The People First! (social post w just recovery demands)

350 VT’s Just Recovery Zine

This is our Workbook that’s available for synthesizing learnings across the full Solidarity School. You can use this and/or your journal for reflections before, during, and after the calls.

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Solidarity School sessions! You’ll receive reminder emails from Zoom with your login details. If you have short reflections that you’d be willing to share, please email them to deborah@350.org and we’ll highlight them during our upcoming sessions.

And for reference, this is the schedule of our upcoming sessions: September 9th, October 12th, November 11th. All calls at 8 pm EST/ 5 pm PST. Save these dates and spread the word (you can share this link with others who would like to join)!

See you soon,


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