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Now he’s got my attention!! WOW!

We’ve always leaned on science to guide our efforts on climate change and the science is increasingly clear.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee - News release

May 8, 2019
Jaime Smith |

Chase Bank action

Let’s do it again and keep the pressure on Chase Bank!  It’ll be cooking with summer’s first blast of heat, great music, signs, chalking, chanting and who knows what else?  It’ll be a good time and I encourage you to …

CCNCW Information for You!

NCW ECO-Challenge starts May 6th – For those of you who ask, “What can I do about the Climate Crisis?”; here’s a start. Get a team together or go it alone – LOTS OF PRIZES!  Learn about yourself, our community

It has been inspiring to see all the actions happening worldwide for our planet.  The Extinction Rebellion U.K. reports have nailed it!   While incredible work around Earth Day has occurred right here in Wenatchee, there is no stopping now.  We’re …