NCW ECO-Challenge starts May 6th – For those of you who ask, “What can I do about the Climate Crisis?”; here’s a start. Get a team together or go it alone – LOTS OF PRIZES!  Learn about yourself, our community and helping the planet.  Register @
Are you going to the APPLE BLOSSOM PARADE? – If you do, cheer loudly for the “Sustainable Wenatchee” entry featuring The ECO-Challenge and the “Baby Brigade”.
The Climate Reality Project – sent me a wonderful download to share with you: Facts about Solar Power – (Click on Blue Link)

Available for download:Thank you for downloading Things Are Looking Bright: The Facts about Solar Energy and taking climate action. One of the most important things you can do to help fight climate change is spread the facts about solutions like solar.

Do you struggle with this? I do! –Why people don’t always make the Eco-friendly choice – By Yale Climate Connections  (see attachment)

NCW United – Action List #116 – See attachment

Sue Kane – email co-editor

Choosing Sustainable Products.YaleClimateConnections

7 days of Action #116