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The massive global youth-led school strikes movement is growing! After organising the biggest climate mobilisation ever in March, they have continued to grow, with 2,300 school strikes taking place in over 130 countries last month.

On September 20, people

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Wednesday, June 19- Interfaith Meeting @ Susan Evan’s home  – 1101 Appleland Dr. in Wenatchee 1:00-2:30 pm
Wednesday, June 19 – protesting at Chase Bank – Chase is the #1 funder of fossil fuel extraction and infrastructure 

Join the action this Wednesday, June 19th!

Bring your arms and voices to Chase Bank in Wenatchee, corner of Orondo & Mission.

Join us for any or all of the time:  3:30-5P

Chase poured $196 billion into fossil fuels AND $67 billion to top 100 companies expanding …

Let’s get ready for Sept. 20-27th week of global action!

Dear local group leaders and members,

This is a long email, but we know that many of you have been hungry for an update on the September climate strike and week of action. There’s a lot of information below but

Actions – this coming Friday, June 14th!

We’ll be back on the street in East Wenatchee at Chase Bank 8:30AM,  411 Valley Mall Parkway.

Chase poured $196 billion into fossil fuels, 2016-2018 – which is 29% higher than the second worst bank, Wells Fargo.

Help us tell …