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Jeanne —

Since the beginning of the year, Backbone has focused a lot of work on our Rail in the Public Interest campaign – regionally and nationally. On the artful activism side, we’ve worked to train up new members of our Solidarity Action Squads; more people are utilizing lights for projection and our LED banners for night time messaging.

Read on for some of the highlights and to see what your support has made happen! (An update on Solutionary Rail will be coming soon.)

Backbone Warehouse: A Resource Hub for Folks Rising Up

We kicked off the year with a convening in our Vashon Island warehouse, to invite groups and individuals to utilize our resources for planning actions, making art, and building community. Over 30 folks attended, followed by an art build to create art calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Those gatherings kicked off the formation of an affinity group that has been meeting in our warehouse bi-monthly. Earlier this month we held a training so folks could utilize the inflatables, light projectors, and the Human Orca Mural. (Want to bring a Mural to your community to show people’s love for orca and salmon?  Let us know!)

A focus this year is to train up additional capacity for carrying out actions, and we are excited to see what this new team creates!


(Here’s Lucy, carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders!)

Using Light to Call for a Lasting Ceasefire in Gaza

Projectionists across the US are shining lights for a ceasefire in Gaza. DC, Denver, Portland, Cleveland, SF, Seattle, and Providence were just some of the cities that members of our action squads projected on buildings in these last couple of months, to bring attention to the urgent need for a permanent ceasefire.

This week, Backbone has supported the mobilization against the Boeing Defense Suppliers Summit; at press time the Summit was moved to a virtual gathering, likely due to Boeing’s fear of protestors.  A win for nonviolent resistance!

Locally, peacemakers boarded the ferry from Vashon to Seattle and displayed the brightly lit LED sign for commuters.

Breach the Snake River Dams

Backbone supported a Breach Now! Rally in Olympia earlier this week. There is growing dissatisfaction with the many NGOs relying on policymakers’ agendas of more studies, goal posts for breaching out 8-10 years, and not rocking the boat with policymakers by demanding bold action.

A new coalition has formed,, that is working to accelerate the timeline for dam breaching. This Spring we want to organize Human Orca Murals throughout the PNW region, as well as Multi-City Banner Actions.  Please fill out this short form if you want to help organize something or to join an action!

We Need Salmon!

Rise with the Waters

A grassroots effort to “start something new, to build momentum, and to hold the City of Tacoma accountable for its environmental crimes and lack of respect for the sovereignty of the Puyallup Tribe” brought Backbone props, including large LED lettered signs, to Tacoma to support the Puyallup Water Warriors and EJ residents of Tacoma. They are fighting expansion of the LNG plant on tribal waters, as well as one of the world’s largest warehouses that Bridge Industrial is trying to build on top of the city’s aquifer, without any studies into health impacts.

Those are just a few of the creative actions we’ve been part of.  To read about more, visit our Recent Actions page.

Lucy, a new member of our team, has been working hard to build up our Instagram presence.  If you’re on that platform, please give @backbonecampaign a follow! (And while there, please follow @SolutionaryRail which is also getting refreshed, thanks to another new team member, Sasha.)

We are so grateful for the skills and fresh perspectives that Lucy and Sasha are bringing to this work.

Other News

In 2024, Backbone celebrates 20 years of creative activism.  To commemorate this milestone and to introduce new community members to the organization, Lynn at the Whole Vashon Project, wrote an article about Backbone for our local paper.  Read it HERE.

We recently added two new members to our Board of Directors, Angelo Logan and Mary Cogan Paterson. Welcome, Angelo and Mary!

Backbone Campaign is part of the Meaningful Movies Project which is hosting several events for the 45th Anniversary of the worst nuclear accident in U.S. History, the Three Mile Island meltdown.  Watch the film “Radioactive” and join the online discussion on March 27th. Info/sign up HERE.

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Thank you for being part of the Backbone Campaign, and we look forward to connecting with you soon. See you in the streets!

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