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Have you enjoyed CAT actions?


Happy Tuesday, CATS! Here’s some of what we’ve been working on recently!


CAT Hot Takes & Highlights:

  • We had our Monday night Bill Tracker meeting (here’s a recording) where we shared progress with various bills we’re

Still in prison



Jeanne —

Roger Hallam was arrested in November 2022 and charged with criminal conspiracy because of his involvement with Just Stop Oil highway blockades. Roger was “remanded” to prison, which in the United Kingdom means confined without bail.

CAT actions this week

Good to know


Trigger Warning: This email discusses police violence.

I write to you with a heavy heart. Atlanta police yesterday murdered Manuel Teran, known to comrades as Tortuguita. Tortuguita’s “crime” was defending a forest in the heart of Atlanta — but …

Another poke at Federal Reserve

Just this week, Chairman Jerome Powell announced that the Federal Reserve (aka the Fed) will “stick to its knitting” and not be a “climate policymaker.”1

The entire purpose of the Federal Reserve is to protect the U.S. economy from …