Hello Jeanne,

When a fire department is called to a Five-Alarm Fire, the fire trucks are on their way within one minute.

We are in the midst of a 5-alarm fire. We just passed a 1.5⁰ C increase in pre-industrial global average temperatures; 2⁰ C is locked and loaded, which is catastrophic for life as we know it.

Is it too late? No, but we need your help — and we need it now.

Our next eight weeks are packed with more events like last Saturday’s Civil Disobedience Here & Now — with over 400 registrants — along with energetic mobilization activities and creative the-time-is-now actions.

We are gaining momentum. As America rockets out of our COVID crisis and into a whole new world, our absolutely #1 focus must be saving our planet. If you thought COVID was bad, climate collapse will make COVID look like child’s play.

Here are three ways you can make a difference:

ONE: We have lots of areas we need help in. Fill out this less-than-a-minute questionnaire to find yours:

Find your passion here:


TWO: If you care about what’s happening but your plate is too full, do this one thing: Become a monthly sustainer to be part of our emergency mobilization. It takes money to do this, and the time is now. Five years from now will absolutelybe too late. In fact, next year may be too late. The five-alarm fire is here and the future of the world depends upon each one of us, together.

Donate here:


THREE: Another key action you can take is to bring your friends and acquaintances to our Heading for Extinction talks. You already get it. Once they see it, they’ll get it, too. You can register them — and yourself — right here:

Eastern Time Heading for Extinction & XRA Overview Talk
March 8, 7 PM Eastern


Pacific Time Heading for Extinction & XRA Overview Talk
March 8, 7PM Pacific


Yes! The earsplitting 5-alarm climate collapse bell is blaring loudly, everywhere.

Look around. We can’t unring that bell. It’s time to blast open the firehouse doors and act now to save our planet.

Ferociously loving life,


Jane Archer
Internal Coordinator
XR America Community Organizing Circle

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Extinction Rebellion America · OR 97005, United States
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