Jeanne —

It’s Will here, from Extinction Rebellion.

In the last 6 months I’ve traveled across the country, talking to people in Portland, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Tucson, Arizona, New Orleans, Miami, Orlando, Asheville, Washington DC and New York City. People everywhere are anxious. They understand what’s at stake, and they want to contribute, but they don’t know how. They want to be strategic, and act in accordance with theirspiritual and political beliefs, but they don’t know where to start.

It’s time to let the United States know what this rebellion is all about.

Our planet, our home, our very environment, is being run by Climate Criminals. We have depended on them to keep us safe. They’ve failed to even Declare an Emergency. They’ve failed in their duties. Biological diversity is collapsing. Our sky has become our enemy.

This is why we are in nonviolent rebellion. This is why we have chosen to become rebels. This is why we rebel against our government, in peace, love and rage and rave. We are part of this rebellion because we understand that non-violence is the best weapon anyone can wield when faced with an overwhelming radical evil.

The time is long past for petitions and polite campaigns. Mother nature is threatened. Planet Earth is under attack. It’s time for non-violent rebellion.

Our 2022 strategy is going to need to be balanced, and yet aggressive. We need to make major headway, or we risk dooming ourselves and the next generation to unhallowed horrors. For climate justice, for ecological justice. For the most vulnerable, for the young, and for the unborn. For our family, our friends, our cultures, our ancestors, and everything that made Earth wonderful.

This Sunday, 12pm EST, 9AM PST, we’ll be talking about what we need to do in 2022 to answer the call. We all must answer this time. Everything hangs in the balance. Our oceans, our soil, our trees – they are all threatened.

“Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great” – Nelson Mandela

The 2022 call will include a climate update, where we Tell the Truth about the climate. We will also present information about the April Rebellion that includes Declare Emergency’s repetitive NVCD actions in Washington DC, the XR New York April action, Scientist Rebellion April actions, as well as April actions in the UK, Australia, Germany, France, Italy and other countries. We will also talk about many other opportunities to contribute to the rebellion this year. Whether you are looking to lead, risk arrest, or make an impact in some other way, this is your opportunity to join with XR Rebels and be a part of our 2022 Strategic Planning.

See you in the Streets.




If you can’t help with the above efforts, please assist by becoming a monthly donor. We have over 100 people giving monthly throughout the Portland-Oregon areas. This provides the funding to get more canvassers on the ground – and is how we’ve grown so big, so quickly here in Portland. Start a monthly contribution here!

-=-=-Extinction Rebellion America · OR 97005, United States
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