Hello Jeanne,

Think about this:

  • 72% of Americans now believe human-caused climate change is real.
  • 60% of Americans feel that the government must take a larger role in fighting climate change.
  • 64% of People from 50 countries believe climate change is a global emergency.

This means that people are ready to join us in the streets!

And we’re not alone. Chris Hedges, Clare Farrell, Kumi Naidoo and Roger Hallam — the internationally acclaimed presenters at our powerful February 27th live Zoom event — are standing with us. They can see how an accelerating climate collapse will cause a complete social breakdown where our food and medical systems — literally, life as we know it — will collapse.

Yet taking action isn’t really about knowing what’s coming. It’s about feeling the urgency and turning those feelings into doing something that moves the needle and forces the changes that will only happen because we engage in transformative actions together.

As Chris Hedges says,

“We must embrace a new radicalism. We must carry out sustained civil disobedience to disrupt the machinery of exploitation, even as we prepare for the inevitable dislocations and catastrophes ahead. We must alter our lifestyles and consumption to cut our personal carbon footprints. And we must organize to replace existing structures of power with ones capable of coping with the crisis before us.”

Take action now by showing up, getting others to show up, and helping them to get their friends to show up for this earth-moving event.

Register here for the Saturday, February 27, 11 AM Pacific Zoom call:


The clock is ticking. Become part of our nonviolent civil disobedience movement. It may be the most transformative thing you and I will ever do in our lives.

Maximum love, maximum disruption,


Adelaide Beeman-White
XR America Community Organizer

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