Announcing the Global Climate Crimes Project (GCCP) 

The GCCP will hold elite media moguls, politicians, fossil fuel industrialists and other business titans accountable for their crimes against humanity before the International Criminal Court in Rome.

For over 40 years, climate criminals have known that continued burning of fossil fuels would gravely damage and likely collapse our planet’s climate and ecological systems. For the past 20 years, these same elites have known that our accelerating global heating and climate collapse is an existential threat not only to our eco and economic systems, but also to the very survival of human civilization.

What did they do with this knowledge? They doubled down. They engaged in criminal behavior by accelerating the damage and creating massive engines of disinformation, lies, distraction, and fake counter-science to hide the truth and thwart humanity’s chance to respond. Because of their actions we no longer have an opportunity to stay below +1.5°C and are condemned to try and survive somewhere beyond +2°C to +3°C – at a minimum.

What can we do about this? We can treat this behavior as crimes against humanity.

Join us; Tuesday February 22ned at 5:30 pm Pacific Time, 8:30 pm Eastern for the latest Heading for Extinction climate annihilation science update with Dr. Peter Carter, and an introduction to the Global Climate Crimes Project.

      Tuesday February 22nd at 5:30 pm Pacific Time, 8:30 pm Eastern

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John Hagar




Extinction Rebellion America · OR 97005, United States
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