Hey hey, 350 WA CAT core volunteer team,

You’ve probably seen an email or two about this, but I wanted to make sure that each of you know about our big public campaign celebration event coming up on Thursday @ 6:30pm!

This campaign is powered by people all across Washington and we’re celebrating the incredible work we all put in together to pass sound and just climate policy.

Join us for:

  1. Connecting with other community members and volunteers

  2. Reflecting on our learnings and challenges

  3. Sharing ideas to grow our campaign’s effectiveness next year

  4. And learning about opportunities to get involved in more climate policy advocacy this summer!

Please register here for the 350 WA CAT Session Wrap Party and you can RSVP on Facebook HERE!


Grace Hope (they/them)

Leadership Development Director with 350 Seattle
Network Facilitator with the 350 WA Network
Organizing on the ancestral lands of the Puyallup