YESTERDAY I sent an “Action Alert” asking for you help getting NWPR to play “Climate Connections”, a daily 90-second radio program on climate change.
TODAY I got a phone call from NWPR’s Gillian Coldsnow, who heard through the grapevine that we were working with the Tri-Cities group on this issue.
The GOOD NEWS is that NWPB has decided to add TWO full-length programs about climate change and the environment to their regular list of shows:  Climate One, a weekly 50 minute show and Living on Earth, a weekly 60 minute show.  Both shows will start sometime in January.  So, instead of 10 1/2 minutes of weekly programming, there will be almost two hours.  How great is that?
I would encourage you to either call, e-mail, or consider a donation to NWPB.  They are truly being responsive to our local requests!
Carolyn Griffin-Bugert
CCNCW co-editor