Hello Everyone!

THAT’S A WRAP ON EARTH DAY LIVE! I can’t believe it’s really over. 4.5 weeks of planning and three days of programming later, we did it! Thank you all so much for all of your hard work and support over the the last month. We couldn’t have done this without such an amazing coalition. I have so much gratitude and love for all of you, and can’t wait for all that’s to come.

Two months ago, if someone would have told me this where we’d be on the evening of Friday the 24th, I would not have believed it. This is so far from what we expected these three days of climate strikes to look like, and yet, I couldn’t be more proud and grateful for how everything went. We set out to provide a place for community and togetherness during this uncertain time and lift up the stories and voices of the those on the frontlines of fighting COVID-19 and the frontlines of fighting climate change. And that’s exactly what we have done. We have been able to bring people together from so many different walks of our movement and walks of life. This virtual stage has been shared by hundreds (450+) of people over the last 72 hours. It has reached OVER FOUR MILLION PEOPLE, and brought our movement even closer together.

Next week, we’ll be sharing a full report back on stats including social media, voter registration, and earned media. We’ll also be holding an all partner debrief (bringing back those break out rooms) at the end of the week, and look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. Keep an eye out for an invite early next week.

Before I close out, and go to sleep :), I wanted to make sure to share with you some of the messages our chat moderators have been collecting throughout the stream. You can read through a handful of them below and hopefully get a sense of the energy and power of what we were able to do together. There were soooo many more just like these but to give you a sense check them out below.

Thank you all again for everything. Despite being slightly delusional from exhaustion, I’m filled with so much hope, inspiration, and love. These three days have showed me that it is most certainly possible to bring people together and create community even when we are physically distanced. Get some rest this weekend, and then get ready for all that’s to come. Six months to go until the election, and I can’t wait to see what we do together.

Here’s to all that’s to come!

In solidarity,


Katie Eder (She/her/hers)
Executive Director
Future Coalition


  • This is beautiful how so many people have come together despite the current situation, to try and save our planet <3 thank you everyone here
  • So inspired by the voices and sharp, on point words of youth climate activists.
  • Thank you everyone who was part of this. Totally what I needed right now.
  • Seeing that all sorts of people come together in solidarity makes me feel more connected to other people. So much hope And strength.
  • AMAZING DEMANDS EARTH DAY FOLKS!!! The Green New Deal is our future! Lets get there!
    • thank you from the bottom of my heart
  • Feeling all the love y’all. From the American South. This is an evolutionary moment! Do you feel it?
  • Awesome! So proud of y’all keeping this important work going during these crazy times!
  • I’m 12 and doing this for a school project but actually learning a lot! Thanks!
  • This conversation is so filled with love, it’s really needed right now. Thank you to each of you! <3
  • This is warming my whole heart
  • YES YES YES, People’s Bailout, Indigenous Land Back, Green Neal Deal demands . These are fantastic!
  • Watching with my 5 yr old! Loving this all!
  • EPIC 50th anniversary! Nice job everyone!
  • Have been watching non stop. Thank you thank you thank you!
  • Awesome! Thanks for lifting up spirits!
  • This has been amazing! Thank you!
  • I was in 8th grade when the first Earth Day happened. It positively impacted the rest of my life. I think this will be doing the same for young kids now.
  • Thank you kids! Your activism warms my 73-year-old heart, and I will do what I can to support your fight. You’re right, climate change has become a critical threat to all of us.
  • Love to see so much dedication and action from this movement.
  • Really articulate, strategic and pragmatic leaders on the panel. Let’s goooo!
  • This is amazing!!
  • Great job with your pivot! Impressed!
  • Y’all organizers crushed it today!!
  • This has been awesome!
  • This has all been so fantastic. Interesting, inspiring, informative. Well Done!

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