It’s World Water Day: a day we celebrate the life that clean, freshwater brings to people, animals, and everything that grows on the planet. Right now, I’m gathered with Anishinaabe leaders from the White Earth Nation in Northern Minnesota, along a river, in prayer for World Water Day.

Because water is life — we all need it to survive.

But as you read this, the Line 3 pipeline is being built and threatening the drinking water of millions of people. That’s because the pipeline would cut directly through the Indigenous lands and waters of the Anishinaabe People without their full consent. It’s not a matter of if but WHEN a spill would pollute those waters.

We need your help to stop their land from being torn apart for nothing more than corporate greed.

Art by Theresa Ptak

Water is life, Jeanne. And the beautiful, nutrient-dense land stretching from Canada to the Great Lakes is being threatened with destruction by the Line 3 pipeline. Who’s one of the biggest drivers of this destruction of life and Indigenous culture? JPMorgan Chase and its Executives.

Indigenous Water Protectors in Minnesota have continuously put their life on the line to save their land and the water that gives life to millions of people, and they need your help. Last month, while activists showed up at Chase’s door, you shut down Chase Executive Daniel Pinto’s phone line by calling him over 500 times to tell him to stop financing this deadly pipeline. 

We have to keep the pressure on Jeanne: Tell Chase Executives that as long as they are backing Line 3, you won’t back down. Send a message this World Water Day, and tell Chase to #DefundLine3.

Because if we don’t stop it, Line 3 will continue to violate Indigenous Rights, and destroy the food, water, and lands of the Anishinaabe people. And that isn’t an option.

Thank you for supporting Water Protectors this World Water Day, Jeanne.

In solidarity,

Ethan Nuss
Organizing Strategist
Rainforest Action Network



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