GCCLP invites Attorneys, Juris Doctors, Law Students, Legal Advocates and Justice Allies to:

A webinar series on Just Transition Lawyering,
Thursdays in Black August


This week’s Just Transition Lawyering webinar features Gary Bledsoe, of the NAACP ECJ Committee, Alegria De La Cruz of the Sonoma County Office of Equity, and Faye Mathews from the National Wildlife Federation discussing “Equitable Disaster Planning and Recovery”. Register to join us this Thursday at 3pm CDT! Want to track the conversation on Social Media? Take a moment to follow us: IG: @gcclp @redblackgreennewdeal, TW: @gcclp @rbgnd, and FB: @gcclp @rbgnd.

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About the Just Transition Lawyering Webinar Series

The Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy invites practicing attorneys — particularly Black, Indigenous, and people of color — as well as legal educators, law students, and justice allies in the legal field to an August webinar series that will introduce Just Transition Lawyering. The webinars are designed to foster understanding of the roles and opportunities for legal actors in addressing the global climate crisis. The webinars have been developed in partnership with the Red, Black & Green New Deal initiative at the Movement for Black Lives, the NAACP Environmental & Climate Justice Program, the Journal of Law and Political Economy, and collaborators from the University of California, Irvine.

Responding to the impact of the global climate crisis on natural resources, frontline communities, human rights, and democracy, Just Transition Lawyering provides strategic and allied support to the leaders and communities anchoring and building the environmental & climate justice movement. Just Transition Lawyering works to end discriminatory and destructive practices and policies while imagining new, justice-oriented alternatives using the law and legal system. The Just Transition Lawyering webinar series explains basic concepts of climate change, racial justice, economic justice, and Just Transition Lawyering through the lens of lawyers on the frontlines. Join us, Thursdays in August! For more information, contact JTLN@gcclp.org.

About the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy (GCCLP)

The Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy (GCCLP) is a non-profit, public interest law firm and justice center with a mission to advance structural shifts toward climate justice and ecological equity in communities of color on the frontline of climate change. GCCLP envisions social, economic and political systems throughout the Gulf South that promote equity and justice for all people. Visit: https://gcclp.org.

About the Red, Black & Green New Deal (RBGND)

The Red, Black & Green New Deal is a multi-year multi-issue initiative designed to educate and catalyze Black people to take actions that mitigate the impact of the global climate crisis on Black Lives. We have released the first National Black Climate Mandate that will inform our organizing and network building, and will bottom-line our engagement with law and policy as we highlight the fight for climate justice in the Vision for Black Lives. Visit: https://rbgnd.org.

About the Just Transition Lawyering Institute (JTLI)

The Just Transition Lawyering Institute is designed to cultivate lawyers across the United States to engage in the fight for climate justice. This 4-part introductory webinar series is held every Thursday in Black August with lawyers on the frontlines of climate change.

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