Dear Jeanne —

As we take action here in Seattle, calling on banks to defund the Line 3 pipeline, brave water protectors and land defenders on the frontlines are engaging in direct action to halt construction of the project, and they’re inviting us to join them in northern Minnesota.

350 Seattle is responding to a national call to action to Stop Line 3 led by Honor the Earth, Giniw Collective, and many more. From June 5-8, we need hundreds—or better yet,  thousands—of people to gather in Minnesota for Treaty People Gathering, a series of nonviolent direct actions to send a powerful message that the days of tar sands pipelines are over. The Line 3 pipeline is being constructed through Anishinaabe treaty land, and now is a critical moment to support the movement to defend water, Indigenous sovereignty, and our climate.

The Minnesota-based organizing team asks everyone who is participating to attend the national orientation call below before arriving. Logistics are still being worked out, but there will be meals and a place to camp, as well as different levels of direct action risk.

If you think you can go:

  • RSVP for a national call with frontline leaders on Tuesday, May 18 at 4pm PST. Hear from frontline pipeline fighters including Tara Houska, founder of the Giniw Collective; Dawn Goodwin, co-founder of RISE coalition; Taysha Martineau, founder of Camp Migizi; and others.
  • Fill out this form on the Treaty People Gathering website to let people know you’re going to Minnesota.
    • Click here to offer a ride / get a ride via Group Carpool
    • [ASAP] Fill out this form if you’d be interested in taking a bus from Seattle for $25. 
  • Join the Signal thread of folks from the Pacific Northwest who are going to Minnesota. If interested email
  • Register for the PNW Kickoff Zoom call on May 27th at 6:30pm, to meet other people from the region who are going.

We know that going to Minnesota is a big ask. If you can’t go, you’re still needed! Please amplify by sharing this Facebook post. 

Only a powerful gathering will raise this fight in the nation’s consciousness, and force President Biden to stop this pipeline just like he stopped Keystone XL.

350 Seattle


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