Dear Solutionary Rail friends in Washington state,

Here’s a new letter written by Climate Rail Alliance that you can sign and send automatically to your legislators in Olympia and Governor Inslee, using the Action Network link. Feel free to share it with others.
The purpose of this new letter: in order to slash transportation emissions in Washington by 2030, we need to shift as much passenger and freight traffic as possible to rail.  An important piece of this mode shift is the Amtrak Cascades, which needs an excellent Service Development Plan – one that will provide hourly service between Seattle and Portland and every other hour between Seattle and Vancouver BC, connecting 14 communities in all. WSDOT is in the early stages of drafting this plan, and we need to make sure it has top-notch amenities and convenient connections to transit, making the service attractive to ride, moving highway traffic to efficient rail.
Thanks for considering,
and all the best.