Dear National Allied Network,

As communities in the Gulf South and around the US recover from a summer of climate disasters we are reminded that the climate begins locally but ripples out connecting us to a global climate reality. Despite being the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, the United States will join the 26th United Nations Conference of Parties (COP26) meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, in November with no national climate policy. Communities from the Gulf South to the Global South are asking us to be in solidarity with the planet and push our government to be accountable and to be a leader on bold climate action now.

This month, in lieu of our regular monthly call, we ask that you join an invitation-only COP26 Frontline political education call on Wednesday, October 27th at 3pmCDT. This 2-hour call will offer a frontline analysis on the UNFCCC/COP and the 26+ years of negotiations around how the global society must move on the issue of global warming. Participants will hear how to be in alignment and solidarity with frontline and climate justice leaders from the US and Indigenous nations therein. Join us on October 27 at 3pmCDT. Click here to register. 

The COP 26 Frontline call goals include:

  1. Setting the context on understanding the COP/UNFCCC
  2. Highlighting key interventions from the US Frontlines and the Global South
  3. Lifting up the November 6th Global Day of Climate Action
  4. Building relationships to collectively problem-solve on climate and justice

National Allied Network members will learn about our responsibility to demand climate justice action from U.S. leaders and cultivate ideas on how to engage on the November 6th Global Day of Action for Climate Justice, a series of decentralized mass mobilizations across the world bringing together movements to build power for system change.

As a member of the National Allied Network, you are invited to the COP26 Frontline Call Wednesday, October 27, 3-5pm CT / 4-6pm ET. Come prepared to listen, and inform yourself about the context for COP26, vaccine inequity, and climate justice around this call:

NOTE: The National Allied Network will not meet at our regular meeting time on October 28, and ask that you adjust your schedule to attend this call instead. This will be the final meeting of the National Allied Network in 2021.

In solidarity,

Colette & the GCCLP krewe


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