Explosive LNG by rail? Hell, no — we don’t think so, either.

Remember Mosier? That reminded us exactly how dangerous it is to move fossil fuels by rail — putting local communities at risk of explosion, fire, and toxic pollution. But the Trump Administration has recently proposed to allow unit trains up to 100 cars carrying liquified natural gas (LNG). Ruptures of refrigerated LNG railcars come with the horrific twist of ground-hugging, flash-freezing, suffocating yet highly flammable gas. (Details here.) “Beyond absurd,” one critic has said.

Sorry for the short notice, but the deadline for comments is TOMORROW, Monday, July 8. Use this form now to submit your comment urging the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) to consider the full risks to human health and safety posed by trains carrying LNG.

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