Hello friends,

Thank you for another wonderful 350 Washington Network Conversations on Monday! It’s such a pleasure spending time in meaningful conversation with organizers all across the state as we celebrate our hard work and explore our challenges together.
And just a heads up, this coming Monday, August 17th we will not be having our regular meeting due to a family obligation. We will be back on Monday, August 24th and you can register here for that call.
  • Grace shared information about 350.org‘s Solidarity School starting on Wednesday and how we can get involved in it. Here is the video from Wednesday’s national Solidarity School focusing on a Just Recovery, plus the AMAZING workbook that goes with it. Check out 350.org’s Just Recovery principles, and Facebook and Twitter posts to help amplify the messaging for a Just Recovery. Also! A simple toolkit for getting the message out!
  • The Solidarity School is a key national organizing initiative of 350’s work in the US. We hope the Solidarity School will bring in new folks looking to grow and expand their skill set, and be a great resource for activists already engaged with local groups and partner organizations. We’ll also include political education and action opportunities linked to 350’s objectives. Our content will specifically support and promote solidarity with our allies in the Movement for Black Lives, labor organizations and other key partners in this moment of uprising and movement building. Each month, guest speakers, 350 staff and leaders from our broader network will strengthen our frameworks and share strategies, tactics, and actions for ongoing organizing.
  • Pam’s local group, Kitsap Environmental Coalition, have a number of issues coming up all at once!  She presented these issues to us on an excellent summary sheet along with this letter describing a planned timber harvest.
  • Workers in Yakima are having rally’s around work safety for Farmworkers and 350 Yakima supported their big event. There is also a rally in Wenatchee this Saturday.  Petitions are also available.
  • Larry reported that he and 350 Spokane are investigating how to make public transit more equitable for all; he also shared 350 Spokane’s brand new formal land acknowledgment which will go before their board for approval soon.
  • 350 Juneau is gearing up for a “Shoe Strike” against Fossil Fuel on Wednesday.  Check out their Facebook page for pictures and this article in the local paper describing the event
  • Concerns were expressed about State timber sales and how to fight them before it’s too late; seems like there is a strategy to ask for public comment very late in the planning process of these projects. Is there a way to build on that narrative?
  • Several members expressed a concern that we need to be planting more trees to sequester CO2.  It was noted that the Search Engine “Ecosia” will plant a tree every time you use it as your search engine.
Have a delightful weekend, friends.
Grace Hope, they/them
PNW Regional Organizer, 350.org

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