Currently the Department of Ecology is reviewing the Final Supplemental Impact Statement (FSEIS) for NWIW’s proposed facility in Kalama and determining whether our permits as already issued should continue, be amended or be withdrawn.
Our opponents are calling and writing Ecology, trying to exert political influence to get the Department to reject our proposal.
Send a message to Ecology!
  • The State of Washington needs to make decisions based on science and facts. The science is in and it has found that building our project in Kalama does more to reduce global GHGs than any other initiative in the state!
  • The regulatory process should be respected. Five years ago we began a permitting process at multiple levels of local, state and federal oversight for this project. That process has been done correctly, with multiple opportunities for public input.
  • The data is comprehensive. In the latest cutting-edge and extensive report, a range of data covers all possible scenarios. Even if an opponent disagrees with one of the report’s conclusions, the data is comprehensive and allows for multiple scenarios.