RAN, and the organizations authoring the latest edition of this annual report, want to acknowledge the extraordinary circumstances of this moment, given the terrible impacts of COVID-19 on lives, health, and livelihoods for people around the world. As we write, the urgent need to respond to the pandemic and resultant economic impact is rightly taking priority, and may do so for some time. However, climate change remains an existential threat that, like the coronavirus, will require unprecedented global action in solidarity with those most vulnerable. We believe that the data and analysis in this report will prove useful in addressing that threat with the seriousness that it deserves.



The numbers are in. We just released our annual report exposing the world’s biggest banks for directly funding the climate crisis. That’s right, we’ve exposed 35 banks for pouring $2.7 trillion on the fire that is the climate crisis. 

Can you imagine what that kind of money could be used for Jeanne? Let me tell you:

  • $2.7 trillion dollars could purchase 77 million electric cars outright
  • Or could pay for more than 15 billion solar panels

Get the picture?

In the last four years alone, these banks provided $2.7 trillion in fossil fuel financing that’s wrecking the climate, violating Indigenous rights, and fueling forest fires around the world. Many are the very same banks that claimed to support the Paris Agreement, but they’ve proven that actions speak louder than words.

Take a guess who is ranked the world’s WORST funder of fossil fuels? It’s no surprise that JPMorgan Chase is STILL the worst of the worst, pouring a whopping $65 billion of financing into the fossil fuel industry in just the last year! In fact, Chase has surpassed the quarter-trillion dollar mark in fossil fuel financing by a whopping $19 billion.

So today, we’re going to show Chase that our actions speak louder than words too. We’re going above their heads and telling Chase shareholders that it’s time to defund climate change, completely.

Chase is accountable to its shareholders, and if its CEO won’t listen, we’ll send a message all the way to the top. Money is the only language Chase understands, Jeanne, so let’s hit them where it hurts.

Tell Chase’s biggest shareholders that we won’t stop until Chase commits to a future without fossil fuels, a future where climate and people are held above profit. We’ll continue to make Chase bank synonymous with climate change: We’ll keep protesting at its branches, and we’ll keep building the people power to end profit-driven climate chaos.

Let Chase know that this is our bottom line: Put your money where your mouth is and defund climate change.

Last month, Chase released a new fossil fuel policy, but these baby steps aren’t enough to address the climate crisis it’s financed for decades. It’s time for Chase to take responsibility for the climate destruction it’s fueled.

Chase may be a powerful corporation with BIG money behind it, but we’re here to prove that NOTHING is more powerful than people power. With YOUR help, we can move Chase and create a better future for our climate.

For people and planet,

Alison Kirsch
Lead Researcher
Climate and Energy Program
Rainforest Action Network



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