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Last week, the Biden Administration announced its decision to pause approval of 17 new liquified natural gas (LNG) export terminals!1

It is a major first step, but we know what must come after the pause: a rejection of these LNG projects and a full phaseout of ALL fossil fuels.

LNG is a fossil fuel, and the largest of these proposed export facilities, CP2, would be located in the Gulf region and have 20 times the emissions of the Willow Project in Alaska.2

These carbon bomb export projects would be disastrous for our planet and frontline communities — like those in the Gulf Coast who have fought against gas and oil projects and for their homes and lives for decades.

Although the Biden Administration and Energy Secretary Granholm have made a significant stand against fossil fuels, it is not enough on its own. They must now take the next step: fully reject all LNG terminals and phase out fossil fuels. But we need your help to show massive resistance to these projects.

Can you send a message to the Biden Administration and ask them to stop all new LNG export terminals permanently?

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Frontline communities in the Gulf have been leading the fight against LNG for years. And just earlier this month, our movement showed up at the Americas Energy Summit to help amplify their message: the LNG industry is not welcome there.

The Americas Energy Summit is a fossil fuel industry gathering in New Orleans to promote liquified natural gas and other fracked-gas energy sources that place disproportionate environmental and health burdens on Gulf Coast communities.

We joined Sunrise NOLA, 350 NOLA, Movement Catalyst, and other partners to intervene both inside and outside of the summit to let the LNG industry know that they are NOT welcome in the Gulf Coast region, or anywhere.3

The energy from our movement was powerful.

Candice Fortin, our U.S. Campaigns Manager, said about the event: “America’s Energy Summit may have kicked a few of us out, but we just ran up with hundreds more.”

Now, we need your help to keep this momentum strong and ensure that Biden continues to feel the pressure from our movement to STOP these projects once and for all.

Will you send a message to the White House right now calling on the Biden Administration to stop all 17 proposed LNG gas projects?

With determination,

Team 350

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2 – The Guardian

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