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Third Act supporters at a climate rally
Dear Jeanne,

February 23rd was our biggest All-In Call by far! As well as an “oops!” moment as I forgot to include the link to watch the recording in the follow up emails. You can watch and share the recording here.

Third Act is growing by leaps and bounds right now, and if you’d like to meet some of our crew, the Boston Globe just did a great write-up of Third Act with several of our New England comrades profiled.
If you’re new to Third Act, welcome. You’re joining tens of thousands of folks over 60 who want to work together to protect our democracy and our environment. We build campaigns, we organize our communities, we come together for events and trainings (all online, for now), and we’re assembling a killer playlist along the way.

Here’s our actions checklist for March:

People protesting in front of Chase Bank demanding end to funding polluting fossil fuel projects

What’s next?

  • #SafeguardingOurDemocracy
    • Check out our updated Protect the Vote page and write a letter to the editor of your local paper. There are sample LTEs there, and you should watch this video as a primer if you haven’t already.
    • Come to our Letter to the Editor co-working party this month, RSVP HERE.
      • If your LTE gets published, post & tag us on social media (@third_act_org) and send it in to us at takingaction@thirdact.org so that we can amplify.
  • #BankingOnOurFuture
  • Folks new to Third Act can sign up to join our monthly Welcome calls, and everyone should get RSVP’d for our March 23rd All-In call.
    • You can see and sign up for all of our March events at THIS LINK.
  • Third Act: Working Groups
    • We’ll be rolling out new working groups  each week in March – our first three groups are Third Act–Virginia, Third Act–Nevada, and Third Act–Faith. Before the end of the month, you’ll also be able to join Third Act–Vermont, Third Act–New York City, Third Act–Sacramento, Third Act–Puget Sound, Third Act: Educators (National), Third Act: Health Professionals (National), Third Act: Lawyers (National), Third Act: Business (National).

We’re so glad you joined us on this path—

Hypatia (Th!rd Act, Digital Campaign Manager)

P.S. Our Digital Campaign Manager, Hypatia, recently completed a Film Fellowship for One Love Foundation and All-State Foundation where they wrote and directed a short film called Door Three that you can watch and vote for here. Tonight, February 28th is the last day to vote, so send a heart in if you can.

Third Act
Sustainable Markets Foundation – 45 West 36th Street 6th floor
New York, New York 10018-7635

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