What coronavirus means for Northwest fossil fuel projects
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Holding the Thin Green Line—the Northwest’s opposition movement to fossil fuels—remains among Sightline’s highest priorities. As we near the halfway mark of 2020, we find that fossil fuel companies are in a tailspin, knocked off course by a combination of long-term economic challenges and the shock of coronavirus. Many industry analysts say there is no historical precedent for financial troubles the industry is facing. But what does it all mean for the big dirty energy projects planned for the Northwest—the oil pipelines, petrochemical refineries, and LNG export terminals?

Sightline aims to prevent the buildout of large-scale fossil fuel infrastructure in the Northwest. In a time of social and economic crisis, will Cascadia continue to defend its communities from dirty energy schemes?

Join Sightline next **Wed, June 24th at 10am PT** for an online Q&A: What coronavirus means for Northwest fossil fuel projects

Eric de Place will share the latest updates on recent developments in energy markets, and on what they mean for large-scale fossil fuel projects planned for the Northwest. There will be a briefing by Eric, followed by an interactive Q&A.

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What coronavirus means for Northwest fossil fuel projects

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

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