We Can’t Afford to Wait

Economists and scientists are telling us that urgent action is required for effectively tackling two big challenges facing us today: the economic recession and climate change. The Washington STRONG Act is the only billbeing considered this session that is able to bring in billions of dollars for dedicated, immediate investment in our communities that will jumpstart our economy by directly addressing the climate crisis. With these investments, we can create more resilient communities and a more livable future for everyone.

We Need You to Sign-in for WA STRONG!

The Washington STRONG Act (SB 5373) has its first public hearing scheduled for March 4th in the Senate Environment Committee. In under one minute, you can take action to support this legislation:

  • Sign in “Pro” before the hearing to demonstrate to committee members that this bill is in high demand. Just follow these simple steps:
    • >> Click here <<
    • Select position as “Pro”
    • Fill out your contact information
    • Submit!
  • The “Organization” field can be left blank or you can type in “Individual”

Done with that and want to do more? Here are two bonus action items:

  • Write to the Senate Environment Committee members to express your support. Feel free to customize this template email with the reasons why you want them to support WA STRONG.
  • Forward this email to 5 friends and ask them to sign on in support of this critical bill!

Invest Today for Savings Tomorrow

In our legislative panel from earlier this month, Representative Wicks talked about the aging infrastructure of our schools, which leads to time-consuming repairs and *very* expensive utility bills. In at least one case, a high school was paying 4x as much in utilities costs compared to a newer one of the same size! WA STRONG could pay for the much-needed energy efficiency upgrades needed in our public institutions, for substantial savings in taxpayer money and greenhouse gas emissions. You can watch the entire panel discussion here.
Learn more about Washington STRONG by visiting our new website. To help us fund additional advocacy support for this important legislation, click here to contribute. *Carbon WA ACTION is a 501(c)(4) organization. Donations made using these links are not tax-deductible.

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