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The photo below is the view from the presidential motorcade, taken yesterday by Jim Watson of the White House Press Corps for Agence France-Presse (AFP).

Backbone pulled this action together for our LULAC allies in record time. We got the GO at 8pm on Tuesday night and had two people and the BabyTrump on planes to Texas at 8am Wednesday morning. We have worked for years to build a cadre of experienced action ready activists with tactical, logistical and communications skills necessary to pull off stunts like this.

Each spectacle image has its challenges and there’s no time for learning curves. All focus has to be on solving problems with speed and gracefulness that serves our allies. William Johnson​ and Jacob Johns​ worked on the ground in Houston and McAllen, while Danny​ O’Brien back at Backbone HQ on Vashon coordinated social media with Carlos​ Martinez in Houston. The on-the-ground team was bolstered by other LULAC allies and Patrick​ Anderson, Backbone’s Solidarity Brigade contact in Brownsville, TX, who had banner-building gear and other tools.

Together they did what others would deem impossible – launching the BabyTrump for #45 to witness on both his entrance and departure from his propaganda stop at the Texas/Mexico border. They coordinated with allies and got into local, national and international press. They live streamed video, interviewing front line community members, capturing the drama of the moment and the folly and petulance of our infantile demagogic president.

There isn’t any other organization or network in the country that could have pulled off what our team did in a short 36 hours lead time. I am incredibly proud of what we created together and what we repeatedly accomplish.

We need your support to keep it growing.  Please pitch in at

Again, thank you to you for all your support over these many years to grow Backbone Campaign’s capacity.  And thank you to our action team and allies. I am endlessly proud of what we all accomplish together.

In collaboration and gratitude,

Bill Moyer
co-founder and executive director

PS – Livestream and more photos easily accessed at Backbone Campaign’s Facebook page.


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