Plus a housing affordability game-changer, using trash to make art and statements, and more
Week of July 30 – August 3

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Diversity by ofpink

Diversity by ofpink

Sightline’s Latest Original Research

Modular Construction: A Housing Affordability Game-Changer?

Mass production could make apartments radically cheaper and faster to build.

Will 2018 Finally Be the Year for a Carbon Pollution Price in Washington?

An impressive coalition of support is behind the Clean Air and Clean Energy Initiative

Jordan Cove Energy Project, LNG facility may harm water quality, salmon runs

Public comment on the Jordan Cove, Coos Bay LNG project is extended until Aug. 20

Trump Appointees Might Undercut HFC Ban but West Coast Leadership Fighting Back

Take heart: the Montreal Protocol is proof that climate progress is still regionally and globally possible.

Weekend Reading 8/3/2018

What we owe animals, #BigOilKnew, and more.

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7. Eating the invaders