Jeanne — Last week was incredibly powerful.

Over four million people joined Earth Day Live, and I was so inspired by the youth activists bringing 450+ speakers, actors, frontline leaders, elected officials, musicians to the virtual stage to demand a more equitable response to both the COVID-19 and climate crises.

But our work is just getting started. The COVID-19 pandemic is making our society’s stark inequalities all the more extreme. This moment is showing us the urgent need to recover from the health and economic crises by building a more equitable and livable future for all of us. We can’t go back to “normal,” because normal was not working.

Sign up to take the next step after Earth Day Live! Together in the weeks and months to come we’re going to demand real, lasting change to confront the COVID-19 and climate crises.

Right now, Congress is debating how to spend trillions of dollars for the relief and recovery we need to protect our health, communities, and workers and invest in a livable future. Meanwhile, the Trump administration and Congressional Republicans are exploiting this crisis as an opportunity to give handouts to corporations and polluters. We can’t let this slide.

It is not an overstatement to say that what happens in the next few months will shape our society and economy for decades to come.

That’s why it’s time for all of us to take things to the next level. In the coming weeks, we’re launching a full-out campaign to leave Congress no choice but to stand on the right side of history. We’ll be holding online trainings and coordinating actions you can take from home to push Congress to act on the scale that’s necessary to address both the COVID-19 and climate crises. With leaders like Trump and McConnell calling the shots, we need activists across the country demanding change.

Sign up to join the campaign for an equitable response to the COVID-19 and climate crises.

We’ll be discussing opportunities for action, including:

Social Media Activism – Using social media to spread the word and pressure our elected leaders to do the right thing
Virtual Lobbying – Sharing our demands with your members of Congress
Art & Activism – Creative opportunities to collectively process this crisis and get our message out there
Building the Movement – How to show up as a good partner or ally in this moment

We know there’s a lot of uncertainty in our lives right now, so if you’re feeling unsure, know that we will be there to support you every step of the way.

Now is the time to join together to rebuild a more equitable clean energy economy for ALL of us.


Morissa Zuckerman
Senior Online Organizer
Sierra Club

P.S. Activism is more fun with a friend! Forward this email to a few others and invite them to join in with you.

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