Right now, in downtown Seattle, climate activists are “evicting” four branches of JPMorgan Chase.

Climate activists locked to tripods with an eviction notice

For nearly three years, we have been asking JPMorgan Chase to stop funding climate-wrecking fossil fuel projects. Not only has it failed to do that, but Chase has dramatically increased its funding of the fossil fuel industry.

Now its time is up. Chase has been served notice after notice, asking it to pay its dues and start respecting Mother Earth. Unfortunately, Chase has chosen to continue funding planetary destruction ― and so, today, we’re carrying out a people’s eviction.

Can you support the action by taking five minutes to write a personal email to Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, and the bank’s PNW leadership?

At one branch, activists are locked down to tripods with large eviction notices. At the Russell Investment Center, a removal team is in the process of removing Chase from the premises. At the Pacific Place branch, teams are carrying out a theatrical die-in as the eviction notice is being served. And at another branch, Chase management has been given an hour to vacate the premises.

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During the Great Recession, Chase was responsible for millions of Americans losing their homes. Today, the bank is getting a taste of its own medicine ― and Chase is being evicted for crimes against the climate and all life on Earth.

The campaign to force Chase, the world’s largest funder of fossil fuels, to stop funding the destruction of our planet, is only gaining momentum. Jamie Dimon has been repeatedly heckled by climate activists; cultural institutions, such as The New Yorker, have drawn attention to Chase’s role in the climate crisis; and activists have disrupted the bank’s shareholder meetings, and have shut down the entire financial sector in San Francisco, downtown streets outside of the bank’s PNW HQ, and branch after branch after branch across the country. But it will take all of us to win this campaign.

You can support the campaign right now by sending Chase leadership a personal email here.

In solidarity,
Cody, Marty, Hogan, Kanit, Margo, Scott, Peter, Alec, and Eric — for the Chase Campaign Team!


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