We’re anticipating the final permits for the Line 3 tar sands pipeline across Anishinaabe lands in Northern Minnesota to be granted on Friday the 13th. We’re working hard to prevent this but we should all prepare for this likelihood. Chase is a lender on loans totaling $8.2 billion to Enbridge to build Line 3. A strong national network taking action on Enbridge’s financiers in solidarity with frontline, Indigenous resistance is what we’ll need to stop this climate destroying project from ever being built. I just wanted to plant that seed for us to explore our response further in our next call on Monday the 16th.

For this and any other action use the Chase Exec & Board Engagement Toolkit!

Ethan Nuss

Organizing Strategist

Rainforest Action Network


@EthanNuss (he/him)

Looking for ways to join the campaign? Check out the Chase Organizing Toolkit: bit.ly/chase-toolkit

Learn more about the campaign: http://ran.org/chase

Many of the groups involved in this campaign are also a part of the Stop the Money Pipeline coalition. Learn more: www.stopthemoneypipeline.com