Everywhere, the signs are clear: our climate is on the brink of collapse, and our communities are already suffering from the impacts. But you wouldn’t know that by looking at our political system.

Why not? Because the people in power aren’t feeling this crisis like the rest of us, especially those of us who are poor or people of color. Across the Midwest, communities are still struggling to recover from unprecedented floods, particularly Indigenous nations. In refinery and coal plant communities around the country, black and brown people can barely leave their homes without worrying about the air they breathe.

As the climate crisis continues to claim lives, and our future becomes more uncertain by the day, our elected officials keep catering to the fossil fuel billionaires who created this problem instead of protecting people and the planet. It’s no wonder young people around the world have been taking to the streets for more than a year. Now, the youth are calling on people of all ages to join in — and it’s up to all of us to heed the call to action.

On September 20th, millions of people of all ages around the world will walk out of their classes, jobs, and homes as part of a Global Climate Strike. Nearly 100 events are already being organized across the US. Join one near you now, or sign up to host one where you live.

We need just solutions to the climate crisis that don’t just address the symptoms. We know the root cause of this problem is a corporate-run economy built on systemic racism, wealth inequality, and all kinds of social injustice.

We know what is needed for science and justice, and we have the solutions already. If we band together, we have the collective power to make those solutions politically inevitable — all it takes is every one of us acting in unison to create change.

It’s past time to start implementing the bold solutions we need that prioritize communities already facing the climate crisis. RSVP now to a Climate Strikes event where you live — and if there isn’t one, sign up to host one yourself. Our organizers will support you every step of the way with the resources to help you plan it and make it a success. 

One day of striking won’t solve everything, but it will show those in power that we refuse to stand by in the face of climate crisis. It will show the world who the real villains in this story are. And if we’re numerous and loud enough, it will be the spark that helps turn the tide. And that’s all we really need.


Tamara Toles O’Laughlin – North America Director for 350.org

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