Hey y’all –

I wanted to share a quick update on some plans that are coming together for the Chase & Chubb: Climate Criminals Week of Action.

May 17th is JPMorgan Chase’s annual shareholder meeting; May 19th is Chubb’s. As Chase is the world’s largest funder of fossil fuels & Chubb is one of the world’s largest insurers of fossil fuels, we’ll be cranking up the pressure that week.

STMP will be doing a few things to support pressuring Chase and Chubb that week:

  • We’ll organize four digital actions on our targets

  • We’ll create digital resources and toolkits & support & encourage partners to push out digital actions on Chase & Chubb.

  • We’ll amplify actions that partners organize at the AGMs, branches, and offices that week (if you’re organizing one, let us know!)

  • We’ll ship out more #DefundClimateChaos art & encourage folks to use the art at Chase branches and Chubb offices between May 16 and May 20.

If you would like some #DefundClimate Chaos art to use at a Chase branch or Chubb office that week, you can sign up for art here.

There are many ways that you can use the art during the Chase and Chubb week of action, including…

👉 Paste them up: Wheatpaste them up on (or within view) of the bank. (Note: this action may come with some legal risk that you should take into consideration.)

👉 Tape Them Up: A lower-risk option than wheat pasting ― tape them up on a branch or office using painter’s tape.

👉 Giant Sign Visuals: Assemble the posters and attach them to a cardboard sheet or rigid backing; make an a-frame or stand three images together, as a free-standing display; add your own additional images about Chase, Chubb, or /local impacts.

👉Pop Up Art Show: Display as an art show in front of a Chase bank together with the artists’ statements. Bring folding chairs, snacks on a table, and literature ― like a classic art gallery opening!

For more inspiration on how to use the art, check out the Arts Training from last month. 

If you still have art leftover from the Week of Arts Actions, this is a great opportunity to get out there and use it. And if you participated in the #DefundClimateChaos week of arts actions & used up all of your art, you can order some more art for the Chase and Chubb Week of Action here.
In Solidarity ✊🔥
– Alec