Threatened forest in the Flat Country timber sale above the McKenzie River (photo by Andrew Kumler)
Tell the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management That Old Forests Are Worth More Standing!
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Join Cascadia Wildlands and our allies across the region this Thursday, November 17 at 11:30 am for a rally at the regional Forest Service office in Portland to call for lasting policies to safeguard mature and old-growth forests. Advocates will gather at Terry Shrunk plaza (431 SW Madison St, Portland, OR) and rally to let the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) know that forests are WORTH MORE STANDING.

As world leaders gather to address the climate crisis, U.S. land management agencies are undermining President Biden’s commitment to conserve mature and old-growth forests and trees by proposing to log thousands of acres on public lands. These essential forests serve as climate-saving carbon sinks, as well as providing wildlife habitat and clean drinking water for communities.

You may have heard that our coalition just released a new report titled America’s Vanishing Climate Forests, which profiles 12 projects on federal public lands, including the Bureau of Land Management’s “42 Divide” sale in southwest Oregon. The Roseburg BLM here proposes to log 5,280 acres of mature and old-growth forests with trees up to 200 years old. Cascadia Wildlands volunteers have been fieldchecking this sale since it was first proposed in fall of last year and have found numerous stands of old growth slated for logging within the proposed sale.

It’s time to call on the Biden administration to enact a strong, lasting rule across federal public lands that protects mature and old-growth trees and forests from logging. These forests are essential to removing climate pollution, storing carbon, safeguarding wildlife, and providing clean drinking water.

In addition to Portland, rallies are happening across the country calling on the government to enact permanent protections for our remaining mature and old-growth forests. RSVP to join us at the Northwest Rally for Forests and Climate this Thursday!

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