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Another social storm day is happening on Friday October 2nd — we’re doing monthly #FrackOffPSE days. If you can squeeze into busy calendars to email folks on your lists please do! It’s helpful to post on Twitter or Facebook from your org account too.
Below is email language that can be used from the Power Past Fracked Gas coalition. We also have this social media guide that we continue to update with new content to craft your own tweets and posts on Friday and beyond!
(There’s a video that will be ready tomorrow that will be added to the link to action here.)
Thank you for any help in holding PSE accountable for their racist LNG refinery under construction in Tacoma, their greenwashing lies about “natural” gas, and their bas business practices!
Stacy Oaks
350 Seattle Tacoma LNG Resistance Team

Welcome to #FrackOffFridays.

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) continues to push a dangerous fracked gas facility in Tacoma that endangers community health and safety, threatening brown and black bodies first and worst. The Puyallup Tribe is steadfast in their opposition to the facility and our community continues to stand with them.

In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, many of our neighbors face piling utility bills and mounting debts that they’ll be unable to pay, and they could face dangerous shut-offs for the rest of this year and beyond. PSE likes to talk about keeping the lights on, but in reality it is one of the worst utilities in the state at keeping people connected to affordable power. Utility service is essential, yet PSE treats certain customers as expendable and even expects them to pay for projects they won’t use.


Join us for #FrackOffFriday to amplify #FrackOffPSE.

PSE isn’t letting up on pushing the fracked gas facility in Tacoma and continues constructions every day. They built the facility before it had all it’s permits, and expect ratepayers to pay for 43 percent of the project, when only 2 percent will go towards customer use. So last weekend, we took to the streets of Tacoma to safely bring visibility to how PSE is putting profit over people.

Check out this video and share it on social media. 

Fracked gas in our homes and in our communities endangers our health. And we know that to meet our climate goals we must phase out fracked gas – from our homes, schools, businesses and electricity system. We need relief from climate chaos that brings dire wildfire seasons, and from utility bills we cannot pay.

PSE is pushing new fossil fuel facilities and spreading dangerous misinformation about fracked gas,

and sacrificing people and communities in the process. We cannot let them get away with this.


Will you join us today to hold PSE accountable?

Here is a social media action guide you can use to craft your posts, just be sure to tag Puget Sound Energy and to use the hashtag #FrackOffPSE in anything you post. Not on social? Write a letter instead.

In solidarity,

Victoria Leistman

Field Director

Power Past Fracked Gas


P.S.The comment period for the other fracked gas facility that’s being proposed in Kalama Washington ends on October 9th. Say no to fracked gas and comment here !

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