Our supermarket plastic rankings are finally here. The results are not pretty.

Every single major supermarket has FAILED.

You heard me right. Our new investigation shows that 20 major supermarkets are failing to adequately address the growing plastic pollution crisis.

Honestly, I feel betrayed. Grocery stores are part of our everyday lives — we go every week. But the corporate executives that run these chains are not looking out for my family or this planet. Products are packaged and bagged in absurd amounts of plastic that trash our communities and oceans.

Check out how your supermarket ranked when it comes to single-use plastics. Then expose these corporations by sharing the ranking with your friends and family.

Our new Shopping for Plastic interactive ranking is a critical tool to turn the tide against plastic pollution. Supermarket executives and their shareholders care about what you think and you can bet they don’t like a failing grade. Together, we can amplify this ranking and demand plastic-free solutions — like reusable and refillable options — from supermarkets.

Greenpeace community members like you have been crucial to every single step of the campaign. You’ve funded our work, signed petitions, talked to store managers, and collected data on single-use plastics from your local grocery stores. Greenpeace researchers used your data — along with detailed surveys sent to supermarkets and publicly available information — for our investigation.

It’s time for the next steps: help us show the world that no supermarket is off the hook when it comes to plastic waste.

Please check out and share the scorecard now!

You deserve bold solutions that allow you to shop for your family without worrying about plastic waste polluting our communities and choking ocean wildlife. If you’re looking to avoid plastic in your personal life, I hope these rankings help show you which supermarkets are starting to improve and which are actively blocking progress.

But more than individual choices are necessary to stop the flow of plastic into our oceans and ecosystems —  we need to hold the corporations producing and selling this polluting packaging accountable. Supermarkets must also make a choice: make bold commitments to ditch single-use plastic, or lose customers like you.

Thank for all you do,

David Pinsky
Senior Plastics Campaigner, Greenpeace USA

P.S. It’s appalling, all supermarkets fail in our new plastic ranking. It’s a critical tool to understand your shopping decisions and expose corporate plastic waste. Check out the rankings and multiply your impact by forwarding this email to two friends.

Greenpeace never takes a dime from corporations or governments. Everything we do is thanks to the generous support of people like you!


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