The city of Tacoma is about to vote on permanent regulations for the ancestral tideflats of the Puyallup Tribe, known today as the Port of Tacoma, and we need your help to demand that planning commission recommendations and the will of the Tribe are followed, banning the expansion of existing fossil fuel facilities.

"Expansion = Extinction" banner over an aerial photo of the Tacoma Tideflats.

Our addiction to fossil fuels is speeding us towards climate collapse and we are running out of time to take action. These operations also cause health harming pollution and pose direct safety threats to workers and nearby communities.

Several city council members are trying to add amendments and exemptions to allow toxic operations like Puget Sound Energy, US Oil, Seaport Sound Oil Terminal and others to keep expanding and polluting. We need to make sure that a majority of the city council is going to reject these attempts and pass a true ban on all fossil fuel expansion!

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We have been working to get this ban in place for over four years, and now that the regulations will be made permanent, this is our last chance to get it right, and we need your help.

In solidarity,

Stacy, 350 Seattle


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