Jeanne — Your State Legislators need to hear from you in the next couple of days about a transportation-based climate solution: the restarting of the Amtrak Cascades Long Range Plan (LRP).

The Amtrak Cascades LRP can deliver a proportionate, achievable and impactful transportation solution to the climate crisis for our State. And it can serve as a Solutionary Rail pilot project, a huge step for lowering greenhouse gas emissions, tire and air pollution, congestion, wear and tear, and much more.

You can significantly move this forward by sending emails to the 3 elected officials in your district!

Check out the Call to Action page HERE.  For more info on the LRP, visit the Climate Rail Alliance webpage. (And a big thank you to Climate Rail Alliance for all your work on this Action Alert!)

No matter what their party or what committees they’re on, your State Senator and two Representatives can push WSDOT to make a strong request of our federal government. Senator Cantwell’s office provided the Appropriations Request Form for us to pass along. (It is critical that you do not modify the form prior to sending it.)

(Please send your emails by end of day on Wednesday, March 3rd, so that our legislators can meet the Appropriations Request deadline of March 12th.)

What are we asking for? 

Two things:

  1. State funding to update the Amtrak Cascades Long Range Plan, and
  2. State legislators to work with WSDOT to file a Transportation Funding Request – aka “FY2022 Non-Defense Appropriations Request Form” to the federal government.

Note: The FY2022 Form is for an agency official (from WSDOT, for example) to complete and return to Senator Cantwell’s office. The more legislators who request it to be filed, the better our chances of getting federal funds for this State project.

Can you help by taking a few minutes to contact your elected officials?

Here are the easy steps to follow:

STEP 1: Copy and paste this letter (“Legislative Sponsors Needed”) and send by email to each of your legislators in Olympia.

  • Prepare an email with your legislator’s email address ( For additional address info, click HERE.
  • SUBJECT LINE: Legislative Sponsors Needed for Federal and State Fiscal Requests for Amtrak Cascades Long Range Plan
  • Body of the email (cut and paste) is HERE
  • Edit to add your specific information

Step 2. Be sure to download the Word Doc titled FY2022 and attach it to your email. Caution: Do not alter the FY2022 form in any way!

Step 3: Send and repeat for the other two electeds in your District!

Thank you for taking this action by March 3rd, for the necessity of our climate, community mobility, jobs and economic recovery.

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