Hi there, 350 WA local groups!

Are folx in your teams and communities doing any organizing around federal climate policy issues this year and want to connect with others, or maybe just wanna help support some 350 organizers in Washington who are?

I’m passing along this wonderful invitation from an organizer at 350 Seattle, Carlo Voli!



Hey there 350 WA Network comrades and colleagues,

Did you know that 350 Seattle has a Federal policy working group? I’m part of a sub-committee of that team that’s focused on agriculture as an important climate solution.

Our Federal policy team is setting up appointments with some US Senators and Representatives from WA state encouraging them to co-sponsor a number of bills that will incentivize and support the shift to an ecologically sustainable and economically just system of food and farming, and that will also help sequester large amounts of excess CO2 from the atmosphere into the soil.

We are reaching out to farmers and orgs around the state, who might already be aligned with such a mission, to have them sign-on to this letter so as to show our Senators and Reps that there is a fair amount of support for such bills.

Please take a look at the letter and let us know if your 350 Local Group can sign-on by emailing me at carlovoli@yahoo.com.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.

Carlo Voli

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