Today is the first day of the 2021 state legislative session. During this session, state legislators will grapple with major crises: keeping people healthy and financially stable through the pandemic, dismantling systemic racism, closing a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall, and acting on the climate crisis.

We know we do not have to choose between these major priorities: we can achieve climate progress, recover from COVID impacts, and fight systemic racism all at the same time. If 2020 taught us how to truly take on many hard problems at once, 2021 can be the year we advance many big solutions together.

With no major climate progress in 2020, this year’s Legislature must double down on equitable climate action if we are to meet the challenge to reduce our state’s greenhouse gas emissions and meet our climate goals already set into law.

Our broad climate coalition is calling on the state legislature to look bigger, bolder at this crisis and to support our Resilient Future Priorities, enacting bold relief and recovery policies that set us on a path toward a just and sustainable future for generations to come!


Contact your legislators today and ask them to support our Resilient Future Priorities and help lead the transition to a climate-resilient recovery!


Our Resilient Future platform details the steps we must take to set our state on a path towards a just, climate-resilient future. These include passing the environmental justice-focused Healthy Environment for All (HEAL) Act, investing in clean transportation, providing immediate and long-term relief for communities hit hardest by the current crises, and ensuring that future land use planning takes into account climate change, affordable housing, and environmental justice.

We are in a pivotal movement in history and our collective work has never been more consequential, which is why we need people power to advance our shared priorities. This is the time for action that stabilizes not just our economy, but our climate and our future.


Contact your legislators and ask that they support these important climate priorities!


Now, together, with your support, we believe Washington state can and must lead an equitable and just transition to a clean and resilient economy.




Lauren Breynaert

Coalition Director

The Climate Alliance is Washington State based coalition of environmental advocates, labor unions, health professionals, businesses, faith communities, and communities of color, working with tribal nations–plus thousands of volunteers from across Washington State–committed to building a resilient climate justice movement.

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