Time is running out, but we aren’t backing down.


The destruction caused by Line 3 of our waters and wetlands, like climate change, isn’t coming. It’s already here. Yet, our government is doing nothing about it.

Right now in Minnesota, Enbridge is preparing to announce—in roughly a week’s time—plans to fill the expanded Line 3 tar sands pipeline. In as soon as three weeks, oil will likely be flowing through our precious wetlands—threatening the very way of life of our people. Enbridge is already causing ongoing destruction from a hurried and reckless pipeline construction. Water protectors keep documenting new, unremediated spills of drilling fluid in our rivers and wild rice territory. Enbridge has even already been fined $3.2 million for damaging an aquifer.

One local said it perfectly – “It’s going to spill.” And on the days it doesn’t spill, the tar sands oil will add 50 coal plants worth of climate damaging carbon to the atmosphere.

Time may be running out, but we’re not backing down. At any time Biden can order the Army Corps of Engineers to conduct a full environmental review, including an Environmental Impact Statement that takes into account treaty rights and climate. Together, we are reminding the President of the promises he made that got him elected. Why? Because he can’t just destroy the Ojibwe people, while claiming to want to “Build Back Better.”

That’s why I am asking you to join me, water protectors, and leaders all over the U.S. — from Tribal governments including tribal leaders like those of the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council, to state legislators and members of Congress (not to mention hundreds of community, environmental and racial justice organizations joining our movement) to stop this dirty pipeline for good.

Join us in calling on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to complete a full Environmental Impact Statement before the pipeline is allowed to operate. Join us in calling on the Biden Administration to order the same review that the Trump administration skipped. Join us in demanding that Minnesota’s statewide leaders like Governor Walz, Senators Smith, Klobuchar and others, call on them to do it. 

Help us hold Enbridge accountable for failing our communities, environment, and Indigenous rights.

The truth is, there are endless reasons to review Line 3 and this movement has been speaking up about every one of them. But only one reason really matters — it’s dead wrong. Why? It violates every ounce of common sense. It is injustice, hypocrisy, and exploitation at its finest.

Many thousands of us have already asked President Biden to direct the Army Corps to pause Line 3 pending proper environmental review and consultation (tell him again here). The President is most likely to act if Minnesota’s key state leaders–especially Governor Wal,  who bears direct responsibility for this disastrous project–call on his to do so.

So tweet Gov Tim Walz today. Then take the next step and contact your Senator, telling them to join the many other Senators that are speaking out. Don’t back down. We can’t and won’t stop until they stop Line 3.

Winona LaDuke,
Executive Director, Honor The Earth


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@TimWalz, you can’t claim to be a climate hero and prop up a dirty pipeline.

✔️ 50 coal-fired power plants.

✔️ Dozens of spills in our rivers

✔️ Putting our wild rice at risk.

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