On November 1st, the most important international climate talks since Paris will begin in Glasgow, Scotland. National leaders from around the world will gather and make new climate commitments; many corporations will release their latest climate plans.

That’s why today we’re joining with others at the Stop the Money Pipeline coalition to launch Deadline Glasgow: Defund Climate Chaos.


The Glasgow Climate Talks at COP26 are a historic opportunity for the world to act on climate. When the Paris Agreement was signed five years ago, every nation on earth agreed to meet five years later and “ratchet up” their climate ambition. We’re now at that moment ― and it is vital that we hold the world’s leaders to their promises.

Between now and the start of COP26, we’re going to build a massive people-powered campaign that forces the funders of climate chaos, and the Biden Administration to act. We aim to coordinate 500 actions on our targets by the start of the Glasgow climate talks on November 1st.

There are two actions that you can take right now to help the campaign get off to the best possible start.


  1. RSVP to the Campaign Launch Tues, Aug 3 at 5pm PT / 8pm ET.
    At the campaign kick-off, we’ll take action together, learn from frontline organizers, and hear from Stop the Money Pipeline campaign organizers about what the Deadline Glasgow Campaign will look like in the months ahead. We’re still working on speakers, but we’re excited to confirm that we’ll be joined by Tara Houska of Giniw Collective, Kayah George of Indigenous Climate Action, Representative Rashida Tlaib, and Bill McKibben.Reserve your spot at the Campaign Kick-off now at tinyurl.com/glasgow2021

  2. Sign the Deadline Glasgow Petition at ​​tinyurl.com/defundff

  3. Our goal is to gather hundreds of thousands of signatures on the petition & to deliver it to hundreds of insurance offices, bank branches, asset manager and pension fund offices & federal targets in September. Sign the petition today.

In the coming days, we’re going to share many more ways for you to get involved in the campaign, but take the first two steps with us today: RSVP for the Campaign Kick-off and sign the petition.

It’s just about 100 days until the start of the Glasgow Climate Talks. Let’s make this matter.