Hi team –

So great to see y’all on the call today and even better to hear all of your amazing ideas for creative, socially distanced actions to put pressure on our targets. I’m hoping we’ll get some solid plans for implementing some of those great action ideas very soon!

As promised, here are the links and resources that were shared on the call!

NYC Fossil Fuel Divestment Act

Big win as the “immovable” beast of NY state pension fund divested from 22 coal companies. Amplify the win by sharing this.
This is a really key moment for the campaign, as we need only one more State Senator and eight more state Assembly members to have a majority that supports the Fossil Fuel Divestment Act, which will force the Comptroller to move — and if New York moves it will make it so much easier to move other states. There will be more coming very soon about how y’all can support this campaign at this key moment. 

For now, please circulate this letter to academics you know. The aim is to have at least 1,000 academics sign the letter by the end of the month. Academics from anywhere can sign on.

Teen Vogue: Banks that Fund the Fossil Fuel Industry Don’t Deserve Your Business

Awesome Op-Ed from Kayah George of the Tsliel-Waututh Nation and youth divestment activist, Emma Harrison: https://www.teenvogue.com/story/banks-fund-climate-change

This is an important piece to share and a great moment to spread the word far-and-wide about the Youth Pledge to Never Bank at Chase. Here is a Youth Pledge – Social Media Sharing Toolkit. And here are a few tweets to RT:

We know that our targets are terrified by the threat of generational brand damage. Sharing this youth piece is important

Monday, July 20th: Strike for Black Lives
The SEIU-led Strike for Black Lives is happening on Monday, July 20 — and we are doing all we can to amplify it and support it. Here are some resources for you and your organization to plugin & support this important day of action:
You can also join the US Youth Climate Strike call TODAY at 4PST/7EST. Register here.

Insurance Campaign: Wins and updates!

Big news as Met-Life passes a coal and tar sands policy! Sulakshana’s analysis here. And here are two things you can do to help in the fight:

BlackRock’s Role in Fuelling the Climate Crisis, Migration, Detentions and Deportations

We hope you’ll join this powerful, intersectional webinar with the BlackRock’s Big Problem campaign, Mijente, and Friends of the Earth. The webinar is on Weds, July 21st at 1PST/4EST. You can register here.

Our webinars have been getting great traction recently: Close to 500 people have joined each of our latest webinars — How White Supremacy Built Wall Street and Banks and the Climate Crisis. Please help us reach even more people for the BlackRock’s Role in Fuelling the Climate Crisis, Migration, Detentions, and Deportations by using the toolkit to promote it to your email lists and social media followers! 

Whew. I even mean to write such a big update and there’s a ton of stuff I haven’t even mention. Y’all are doing so much important, kickass work.

With love & gratitude for you all
– Alec

Alec Connon
Stop the Money Pipeline, Coalition Coordinator
350 Seattle, Organizer
Writer’s website: www.alecconnon.com

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