Friends, it;s that time again…  the city of Tacoma will vote next week on whether or not to ban expansions of the toxic fossil fuel operations currently occupying the ancestral Tideflats of the Puyallup Tribe, known today as the Port of Tacoma. The city has put off dealing with expansion for over three years already, in which time numerous corporations have already filed to expand including Seapot Sound Oil Terminal and the controversial LNG gas facility of Puget Sound Energy.

The Puyallup Tribe has been very clear about their wishes–
“We are tired of the niceties and would like to see some action.
We want to recognize the disparities of the exposure from these chemicals down at the Tideflats and we support the regulations because they will prohibit certain uses that are impactful and I just think we all as human beings need to do the right thing for the environment and our children and our grandchildren. We cannot have more sites. We already have over 300 contaminated sites on our Reservation”
– Puyallup Tribal Council Member Annette Bryan
Public testimony can also be given by zoom tonight  at the city council meeting, with the final vote happening next week on Tuesday.
On tonight’s agenda is also a declaration of “police week” and a renewal of the contract with unelected city manager Elizabeth Pauli. 
City manager Pauli has been under pressure to fire officers involved in the killing of Manuel Ellis, Bennie Branch, and others, yet these officers remain on active duty. Pauli was also a main decision maker in deciding that the LNG facility did not warrant health or safety analysis before being permitted, and refused to dig into evidence presented by the Puyallup Tribe about why a supplemental environmental review of the LNG facility was needed. Pauli has received several raises over the last few years and currently makes far more than the Governor of our state. The same decision makers that allow poisons in our air and water are justifying and celebrating the police that murder and abuse our unarmed Black, Brown and Indigenous relatives. 
To join tonight’s city council meeting that starts at 5pm: Webinar Link: Passcode: 349099
Want to read up more on the fossil fuel regulations and their history? Click here:
Learn more about police killings in Pierce County that demand action at 
Please send in a written comment or join us tonight and use your 90 seconds to stand on the side of life and justice.
Stacy Oaks
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