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It’s time we get big, out-of-state, money-grabbing oil companies OUT of our elections — and AWAY from our state.

Big oil companies made billions in profits last year, and they’re spending $21 MILLION to stop 1631 from cutting into their profits. They’re lying to Washingtonians, trying to hide the fact that they can afford to clean up our air and water — and telling us we’ll have to foot the costs.

We are tired of deep-pocketed big polluters pushing our voters around to get their way. It’s time for us to tell them: Get OUT.

Stand with us today and tell big oil companies: Get OUT of our state and stop messing with our voters!

The truth is, Washingtonians are tired of their fates being controlled by huge oil companies that make their money dirtying our state and making us sick. That’s why we’re fighting so hard to pass Initiative 1631, so we can start building a future where we don’t have to be dependent on energy that hurts our earth and our families.

But oil companies are bent on infiltrating our state to stop us. And that’s why we need you to join the swelling voices of dissent and let them know: They CAN’T buy our future!

Help us stop big oil companies from lying to Washingtonians and sign our petition telling them we won’t take it anymore!

Thank you for fighting alongside us.

Team Yes on 1631


I-1631 is Washington’s first step towards reducing pollution and ensuring a cleaner future for the next generation. Click here to learn more about how this will protect our state’s health, our air, and drinking water, and create new clean energy jobs across the state.


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