The oil and gas industry is using the Ukraine crisis to lobby for expanded drilling and fossil fuel infrastructure, all decency and climate change consequences be damned. We can’t let that happen.

Instead of replacing methane gas from Russia with ours, we must use our economic might to help Europe and Ukraine transition off methane gas altogether. But to do that we need to replace as many gas-powered furnaces as possible with electric-powered heat pumps.

Heat pumps are a rapidly expanding, proven technology that use electricity – not fossil fuels – to heat and cool buildings. They’re already playing a crucial role in SAFE Cities’ push to help local municipalities here in the U.S. electrify buildings, and now they have a chance to deal a huge blow to Putin by allowing people all across Europe to stop using Russian-sourced methane gas.

Call on President Biden to use the Defense Production Act (no approval from Sen. Manchin required!) to accelerate the production of renewable energy technologies that can be deployed in Ukraine and Europe.

Replace Russian gas with clean electricity

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