Hello Everyone,


5 months ago we discovered that Green Diamond Resource Company had plans to clear cut a remnant section of Old Growth Forest on the southern Olympic Peninsula dubbed “The Wynoochee Remnant”. Our petition has since gained traction with over 5000 signatures, and in August Green Diamond told us they would not be clear cutting within the year, well it’s now 2021 and Green Diamond has taken no action to protect the area, and in fact, they could clear-cut it at any time.


See the video; facebook.com/FairyCreekBlockade/videos/396421781420238


We need you to flood their phones! Tell them that good corporate citizens don’t log old growth or late-seral biodiverse forests, tell them they MUST work with us to save the Wynoochee Remnant!




Or +1 (360) 426-3381


We are demanding that Green Diamond;

  1. Fully protect the 25 Acre core of the Wynoochee Remnant, and file new maps to amend their Timber Harvest Plan reflecting that change.
  2. Preserve all lone standing Old Growth Douglas Fir trees and snags in the rest of the unit with 25-foot buffers.
  3. Preserve all lone standing old growth/late-seral  Hemlock and Cedar trees with diameters of 24 inches or more as wildlife trees in the rest of the unit.


Green Diamond owns hundreds of thousands of acres on the Olympic Peninsula and does not need to log in such biodiverse areas as the Wynoochee Remnant. It’s time they prove themselves a good corporate citizen and protect the area for good. Until they agree to meet our demands activists are encouraged to get involved and if needed take action to prevent Green Diamond from logging this area!


For the Forests,

Joshua Wright

Universal Wildlands Executive Director


Instagram @joshuawrightfilm

Skype ID; live; jawrighter