We have some good news and some not so good news, Jeanne.

We’ll start with the good news: Last week, President Biden released a $6 trillion budget that includes two marquee proposals: The American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan.1

If passed, this package will have huge implications on clean energy development and recovery for communities hardest hit by the climate crisis. It includes:

  • $14 billion in new money across government agencies to policies and programs devoted to climate change
  • $800 million in new spending and tax breaks for clean energy development
  • Targeted taxpayer-backed investments in communities most vulnerable physically and financially to climate-driven disasters (not to subsidies for the fossil fuel industry)

The bad news is that some members of Congress are trying to take out any mention of climate change in Biden’s infrastructure plan and replace it with a watered-down, nearly $1 trillion bill that doesn’t act on climate.

Biden will make a decision in the next few weeks to either cut climate from the infrastructure plan, or move forward with his original proposal through the reconciliation process.

We need to speak up now to ensure that Biden does not sacrifice our future in this bill. Will you sign our petition to President Biden now calling for bold climate action that protects frontline communities in the infrastructure bill?

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While this bill isn’t perfect, the language and investments mark a drastic shift in climate policy from the past. This bill recognizes that families and businesses throughout the country rely on lands, forests, wetlands, watersheds, and coastal and ocean resources for our lives and livelihoods.

President Biden is calling on Congress to invest in Black, Indigenous, and people of color communities who are most vulnerable to the climate crisis physically and financially through a range of programs, including:

  • FEMA’s Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities program
  • HUD’s Community Development Block Grant program
  • New initiatives at the Department of Transportation
  • A bipartisan tax credit to provide incentives to low- and middle-income families and to small businesses to invest in disaster resilience
  • Transition and relocation assistance to support community-led transitions for the most vulnerable tribal communities

We need Biden to stand firm and put forth an infrastructure plan that prioritizes climate justice and puts our communities first.

Please add your name now to our petition calling on Biden to not waiver and pass an infrastructure bill that matches the level of the crisis we’re in and puts vulnerable communities first.

Thank you for helping us get this far.

Natalie Mebane
Associate Director of Policy

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1 – The New York Times


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